Calalandrusa Beach Resort is located along the Ionian coast of Calabria in the heart of the Gulf of Squillace. The Ionian Sea is a sea rich in history: cradle of flourishing colonies of Magna Graecia (Kroton, Locri Epizephiri, Kaulon, Skylletion), the scene of the discovery of the statues of Greek warriors, known as the Bronze Statues, but also the sea of Ulysses , the mythical land of the Phaeacians, sung by Homer in the Odyssey. The coastline includes numerous beach resorts and ancient villages perched on the hills overlooking the sea. Lush forests of pine and conifers are the setting of an area rich in olive groves, vineyards and citrus groves. The Resort is easly accessible thanks to the road (A3 SA-RC and 106 Ionian route), the International Airport of Lamezia Terme and the railway junction of Lamezia Terme.
Aerial view